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High-Hang Power Clean 7×2
Weighted Box Step-Ups 4×6 per leg
2min Ring Chair Sit Hold

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  1. tdowdy says:

    HHPC: 65,75,80,85,90,95,100
    weighted box steps: 20″ box: BW/20#/30#/52#
    The ring chair sit hold was brutal on my shoulders. I was able to get 30 sec initially without dropping. By the end i couldn’t even hold 10 sec straight. it took about 4:30 to get to the 2min mark :/

  2. Kel C says:

    High-Hang Power Clean 7×2

    Weighted Box Step-Ups 24 inch 4×6 per leg

    2min Ring Chair Sit Hold

    Ring chairs was tough on pecs, started cramping. Box steps interesting, left leg weaker. High hang did not feel that high, felt more like dang hang